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NKPG is one of the only fields locally that allows players to bring their own paint. Players that BRING THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT are given the option to also bring their own paint to the field or they may purchase paint from NKPG.

** Due to clothing and equipment staining, pink, white and cream color fills are no longer allowed **

** Cash or check only. No Credit/Debit Cards. **

To qualify for this option, you must have a COMPLETE set of equipment as follows:

    1. Paintball-Approved Safety Mask
    2. Paintball Gun/Marker
    3. HPA --or-- Co2 tank
    4. Barrel Plug/Cover
Rental of NKPG guns requires purchase of NKPG field paint only!!! If you do not show up with any one of the four above items, you MUST rent that item and you may be subject to pay for field paint.
** NKPG requires that any NKPG gun must be used with NKPG field paint. **

    Equipment rental/fees:

      Full day experience:
      • $40.00 -- Includes Gun, Goggles, 500 rounds of paint, Pouch for carrying extra paint, and all day Co2 refills.

      Airsoft experience:
      • $25.00 per person

      Field Fee (B.Y.O.E. players):
      • $15.00

      Paint Prices:
      • $15.00 -- 500 Rounds
      • $45.00 -- 2000 Rounds (One case of paint)
      • $4.00 -- Tippmann Squad Buster Paint Grenade
      • $6.00 -- Tippmann Big Boy Paint Grenade

      HPA (High Pressure Air) and Co2 Prices:
      • $10.00 -- HPA or Co2 All Day Refills
      • $5.00 -- HPA Single-Tank Refill
      • $5.00 -- Co2 Single-Tank Refill of a 20 oz. tank
      • $4.00 -- Co2 Single-Tank Refill of a 16 oz. tank
      • $3.00 -- Co2 Single-Tank Refill of any tank below 16 oz. size

      • $.50 -- Sodas
      • FREE -- Water